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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Making memories...

How do we make memories ? How do we know we are doing something that's going to be special for a long time or possibly for the rest of our lives ? I don't really know how to answer that question.. But one thing I know.. is that the best memories happen, when you don't force it to happen, when you are just in it, and enjoying the seemingly inconsequential day.

Yesterday was one such day. 17 of us descended on the friendly confines of Georgetown kite festival. To me, the kites were just a small excuse for meeting people, understanding them better and having a laughter and fun filled day. I cared for the kites (sorry K :) ) just as much as I did for the yellow book lying on my neighbour's door for the pask week and a half. But a big event involving so many people, count me in (If my thesis defense were to be on that weekend, count me in still, I'll get the defense postponed :) ) . After a session of frisbee and good food, we played loaded questions. This was probably a much bigger group for a game like this, but being a sucker for learning about people, I didn't do much to sway the ship towards pictionary. After some extraordinarily silly answers and laughter, we all got tired of the game at almost exactly the same time (or maybe it happened earlier and I failed to notice) and after K and S managed to beat out the rest of the competition to the prestigious "Best kite award", we decided to carry our lechcha session in star bucks. Half of that lechcha was disturbed by our favorite "what do we want to do next ? " past time. And after much deliberation, we met again at the bowling alley later on at night for more fun. And fun it was, with a big group like ours, we never stopped finding ways to entertain. Be it P's 1.6 mph delivery, or K blasting the bejesus out of the pins (like somebody put it, pins kku vaai irundha azhum ! ), or V's rookie luck continuing all night, the fun flowed on. At the end of the bowling session, just like we had counted on her to do, R suggested we go to Denny's for a coffee session. Half the group wanted to go home, and though my legs and arms were craving the comfort of my bed, the idea of missing out on more "interacting" didn't appeal to me watsoever. So denny's it was....talks about LTCA's and current and past crushes, UK then and UK now, more "knowing about each other" happened. The prompt and friendly service of Denny's made sure that we didn't get home before 2.30.

As I sat in bed thinking about the day that had passed, it hit me...I am going to remember this day for a while ! Not by virtue of the quantity of events that happened, but by the quality of those.... a parameter we had no control over !!


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