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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cut him some slack !

I am taking a small break from philosophical topics to focus on another of my favorite areas, "Indian Cricket". With the recent string of bad performances, Ganguly has been the butt of all jokes and criticisms in the country. When the other players in the team were going through rough patches, Gangs made it a point to protect them and made sure that they either got back to good form, or atleast made sure that they were given their chance before being cut from the team. Now when it's his bad run, people just want to enjoy hating him ! Don't get me wrong, his test spot should be under scrutiny, like it is, and it should be communicated to him, that if this continues, Yuvraj/Kaif who are knocking on the door, will get the permanent look in that they have been waiting for, for quite some time. But his one day success should not be gorgotten in a hurry and if that's not reason enough for us to leave him in peace for some more time, maybe this is.. This is Gang's team, and he has been the cornerstone for this system, replacing a corrupt system that threatened to doom India's cricketing hopes permanently. He has been instrumental in throwing the concept of instability out of the window, and making sure, that only truly deserving people get to play for India. And when you get that chance, one bad performance is not going to throw you into oblivion. If not, players like Laxman and Balaji would now have been playing league cricket in Tamil Nadu, Andhra etc and Dravid would have been branded a "test only" cricketer. Can you imagine such an indian team now ? I think our man deserves some time to himself, and lets hold off for a while. After all, 9967 runs in ODI didn't happen with no talent !


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