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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's a full circle!

An outside look at a social gathering (about 6-7 people) in a grad school atmosphere (desi gang) such as ours !

Guy 1: On center stage doing the talking for the most part of the meeting. The whole group looks to him for energy, and for the next comment. He is expected to deliver the goods every single time. I've been there.

Guy 2: Does the support role - shares the limelite with #1. Has no problems with #1 stealing the show. But has a lot to say himself, and says it without inhibition, at the right opportunity. I've been that guy.

Guy 3: Is the target of guys #1 and #2 and the whole group. Feels depressed about being in this situation, with no knowledge of how to express his anger/irritation. Is extremely scared that if he does react, it will be greeted with more laughter. Knows at the back of his mind, that on another day, another time, the roles might well be reversed. I've been that guy.

Guy 4: Represents the mob mentality. Knows well that he shouldn't say anything to get himself into trouble, or more fun for the group at his expense. Sympathises with #3 but with no intention of saving him from the evil clutches, because he realizes that saving #3 can only come at somebody else's expense and he doesn't want to be that guy. I've been this guy.

Guy 5: Totally uninterested in the group's activities. Didn't want to come in the first place, and all this empty lechcha is boring him no end. Waiting for an opportunity to slip out and carry on with his daily routine. I've been this guy.

Guy 6: A newcomer to the gang. Desperately wants to belong but does not know how. The gang has no interest to know about his activities. There's a lot he has to say, but stays quiet because he does not know what sort of reactions will be evoked. Ive been him.

I think it's important for everyone to realize that what goes around comes around ! If everyone had the power to "put himself/herself in the other person's shoes" the world would be such a nice place ! The example I just talked about, is probably limited to a social gathering of people our age. But the bigger concept can be extrapolated to several things in life !


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