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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Transformed !

Yesterday was a rough day. Nothing seemed to be going my way ! I could accomplish very little of what I wanted to do and was I feeling low for some odd reason. After a whole day of very little productivity and a lot of frustration, something magical happened. I have this habit of smiling at strangers when eye contact is made. Call me crazy, but I think it came to my rescue this time. I met one such stranger in the elevator when I was on my way to getting myself a cup of coffee and we made small conversation and she wished me a good day (with a wide smile) and left. When she left, it felt like the negativity left me as well. That smile of hers lit up the rest of my day. From that moment on, I was full of positive thoughts and a transformation had occured. Though the act of smiling may seem trivial, it has the power to do so much more. This relates to Deepa's WUGIWUG concept and the "He must be gelling" Advertisement. Just a small act of acknowedgement from our side can make another person's day. Keep doing it, and when we need it most, our day might just be magically transformed (like mine was, yesterday). So, people, smile, it costs nothing !


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