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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Save the earth..

This is in response to RTD2's tag. Normally, I would not have responded to a regular tag with such enthusiasm, but this one I thought was worth it. RT has some good ideas on how to save the earth for our children. We don’t have to implement everything that’s been said. But a few changes in our system can mean a lot to someone else's life. So here’s my little list.

1. Save power wherever possible. Before you leave home, take 10 seconds to make sure you’ve turned all lights and other electric utilities off. Saves power and if you look at it selfishly, your electric bill goes down as well. Prabhu deserves credit for this one. He was the one that first put this idea in my head.
2. Save water. Do not leave the water running because the water’s being paid by somebody else, or because it doesn’t make a big difference to your bill. People in chennai struggle everyday for their daily fill of water, and it makes me guilty that we waste gallons of drinking water here just because we can.
3. This is something that has been bothering me for a while now. Can anybody explain why it is considered unfashionable to stop and help somebody that’s been injured in an auto accident? I have been guilty of this many times, and I am ashamed of it. People like to stand around and watch when their help would have mattered a lot. The next time something of this nature happens, I want to make amends. I hope you will too. (This probably is not as much a fit under the “save the earth for your children” category as it is under the “be a better person in your society” category, but I wanted to put this here anyway)

I want to listen to what Ramya, Priya and PK have to say on this topic.


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