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Friday, September 09, 2005

yennul vaazhum kaadhalan

wanted this moment to last a lifetime:

When I thought you were the "specialest" person in my life you turned around and said "You are the specialest person in my life"

When your loud honk woke me up on my birthday

When I was told "You got the job", you were happier than me

When you switched your cell phone off, when you and me walked into a coffee shop

When after a whole night of talk on the phone, you didn't want to hang up and get ready for work

When all I wanted was to talk to you, and all you wanted was talk to me, you still talked to my room mate lest he should feel left out

When you told me something about yourself, nobody in this world knew

When you'd come crying to me, and let yourself be consoled....only by me

For all this and everything else, Thank you !

People I just saw this post by Prabhu Karthik. It's about us. Take a look.



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