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Monday, June 20, 2005

Interactive Tags

I liked the concept of tagging and using that to get to know people better. When I was tagged by Sujan, I felt that, maybe we could use this concept to get to know more interesting things about people, instead of just limiting this to reading habits. My intention is not to bore people with irritating questions. So I'll try to make it as short and interesting as possible. I realize that we are connected in the blogging world by people in different regions of the world and in different walks of life. Maybe these questions will help know bloggers just a little bit better. Enough with the promotion of the idea..here are the questions :) (RT and RS, thanks for the suggestions)

1. Favorite fellow blogger and why ?

My favorite blogger is RS. Because she's blessed with the ability to create magic with words and can make a reader go "wow" with each one of her creations. Her short stories are particularly good. Read them if you haven't already.

2. Your favorite person/people in life.

Micheal Jordan - Defined (and still defines) a winner. Answered every call and gave his best in everything he did. Always knew how to tackle adversity, always said the right things and had the ability to make everyone around him better.

Kamalhasan - Defines versatility. Blessed with fantastic observation, demands perfection in everything he does, and lets very few things bother him (like commerical failures and technical shortcomings in indian movies). When I see him, I get the feeling, that he would have been the best in any field, not just movies.

Mahatma Gandhi - Defines principle. I liked that he gave up eveything he had to attain his goals. A powerful man who knew how to use his power to make his vision for india a reality.

3. If you could be one person of the opposite sex, who would it be and why?

Sania Mirza - A whole nation's hopes on her, she is an ambassador for her sport. She is in a position to turn a country's fortunes in the biggest stage of the world. Who wouldn't want to be in her position ? :)

4. If you could be in a book/music band/movie, what would you be in ?

I'd be a in music band. The feeling of satisfaction/ecstasy after a big show is such an addictive one. I'd do anything to have that feeling once every so often.

5. If you were to be marooned in an island and you could pick one friend to go with you, who would it be ?

I guess I'd pick Sayee. That way I can have jugalbandhis and laugh all the way to my grave. Yeah, he's one of the very few people in the world that can make you look forward to a situation like that. I thought of a few others too..
Vijay - so I can argue with him till the end :)
Subha - That way I can atleast listen to good music till I am dead or rescued :)

So, there you have it. It's your turn now. Let the tagging begin. I'll start off with the following people.



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