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Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday morning rambling:

When people complained about Monday mornings, I always thought they were complaining because they loved to complain. But, guess not. This is real ! At first, I thought this was a one time thing. But 6-7 weeks later, I know this is a trend, that’s going to stick to me for a while. Mondays are when have you have the most work to do, and the least enthusiasm to do it with. All the good feelings you had about your “team” on friday is now all gone, and you feel like a loner, not wanting to talk to anybody. The same song you were singing loud with on Friday evening plays itself out unnoticed! It’s so ironical, it’s almost funny. But you don’t see the humor in it. It’s Monday!

Just want to write a little note on 2 songs that I listened to recently.

“Enga area kitta varaadhe” from Pudhupettai – In spite of this being a lift from “who let the dogs out”, I liked the song. Captures the “housing board” mood of madras, to perfection. The hip-hop mix, is a thing that I am starting to enjoy. Yuvan’s ability to adapt it to Thamizh movies, is admirable. Dhanush’s voice fits like a Tee !

“Kaattile” from Pattiyal – A great mix of “Nethu oruthara oruthar paathom” and “aadaludan paadalai serthu”. Raja’s voice was youthful and refreshing. Good hip-hop feel to the song.


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