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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tags, Tidbits and Movie screens..

I've been tagged by Sujan. I used to be a voracious reader. But these days, books are nothing more than travel company. They are dusted and packed when a trip happens and are put back promptly in the shelf finished or unfinished, and are not disturbed till the next trip. Unlike Sujan, I am purely a fiction reader especially when I have to pay money to get these books. You can never go wrong with a fiction novel, just like some would say, "when in doubt, go with a rajinikanth movie". Honestly, I haven't explored enough with the other genres to make a meaningful comparison. I keep thinking I should, maybe someday I will ! I started reading with enid blyton's fiction series and exhausted practically all of Enid Blyton's writings..Five findouters being my favorite (Recall fredrick algernoon troteville anybody ? ). I was so crazy about Blyton that I used to miss my school cricket matches to read her books (Missing cricket and Me? That never happens !). Stayed with Blyton and hitchcock for a good amount of time. After that it was Hardy boys for a while and then I moved to Agatha Christie and Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer. It was when I was in college that I chanced upon a P.G Wodehouse novel and I started reading it because I had nothing better to do. Man, was I happy. I am not great at describing art, but this man definitely has a knack with words. A sense of humor like none other, he plays with words making us readers look so human ! If you haven't had a chance to read Wodehouse, give it a shot, you won't regret it.

Last book I bought : Tell me your dreams (Sidney sheldon)

Last book I read : Tell me your dreams (Unlike other sheldon books, a lot less masala, and some good research into the topic. I liked this one. try it ! )

Total Books I own : Less than 10

Books that mean(t) a lot to me: Didn't make a change in my life or anything like that. But I enjoyed reading these books.

1. The stuttering parrot (Alfred Hitchcock)
2. The doomsday conspiracy (Sidney Sheldon)
3. Aunts aren't gentlemen (PG Wodehouse)

And here I tag

1. Laka - Would like to know what you read
2. Sangeetha - I am sure you have some interesting insights for us
3. PB - I know he reads a lot of good stuff. I am sure he has a lot to say about them as well.
4. Ashok - We always would want to know more about an interesting gentleman like ashok. Wouldn't we ? :)
5. RT - Whenever you get back ! Would like to know what you read ! A psychologist's perspective :)
6. Priya - Priya..remember, no toxicology books allowed :)

Nothing like Cricket ! The midwest tournament started last weekend and inspite of being extremely tired, I couldn't sit out this game. We won our first game against charleston and our next game's against Louisville. It is a great feeling to get back on the grass to be a part of everything that goes on in a cricket match ! I was thinking about forgoing this season. But the feeling of satisfaction after every win or every 50 is too inviting. So here I am, in another midwest tournament ! Go UK !

Listened to "Oru naal oru kanavu" in Raaga. One of Raja's best in recent times. It's a fazil movie and some numbers are very simple and pleasing (Kaatril varum geethame, khajuraho and Ponnukkindha). The conversation between Vaali and Ilayaraja provides good insights into how music gets written and composed. Very neat ! I liked Tippu's voice in ponnukindha song.

Lexington Tamil Cultural Association Proudly PresentsTamil Cinema's Magnum-opus"Anniyan"

Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 Time: 7:30 p.m Venue: Reel Deal Cinemas,South Park Shopping Center,Nicholasville Road(Behind Best Buy n Toys’R’us stores) Lexington, KY Tickets:$12 per person.Ages 7 to 15: $6, under 7 years: Free Tickets Available @:Vishal Intl.Saagar Indian StoresTandoor

LTCA comm. members - Good luck !!


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