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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just some thoughts..

A whiff of Fresh air:

I was driving back home after work listening to a new CD that I had recently burnt. It had a couple of songs from Karthik Raja’s “Naalai”. I have no idea how somebody with Karthik Raja’s talent cannot sustain in today’s industry, when people like Dhina are having an easier time relatively. Please listen to it when you get a chance..I loved both these songs. I felt that the percussion pattern in “naalai indha kaalam” could have been a little less monotonous. “Oru maatram” makes a terrific first impression…Fresh is the word.

Oru Maatram

Naalai indha kaalam

Also listened to Joshua Sridhar’s Uyir. I am completely sold on Joshua’s talent. After what I think is a dream debut (kaadhal), he has come out with another decent performance. No sophomore slump here. He has the tools to become big. We’ll wait and see.


Draft day thoughts:

One of the weakest draft days depth wise, in a long time. There are about 8 people you can take with the first pick and not go wrong (or go very wrong with, depending on how you look at it). Toronto must be cursing it’s luck for landing a freak #1 pick in a draft that doesn’t have a clear #1-#8 and nobody else wants to trade for the #1 pick. The whole of the college basketball season, the analysyts made us believe, that Morrison- Redick were locks to be #1 and #2 in the draft. The draft day comes and they’d be lucky to go inside the top 10 (atleast Redick should be if he does get picked). Nice marketing ploy to keep us interested in the college season ? Or ignorant analysts ?


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