Empty thoughts and mutterings

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Oh him ? He has a balanced head on his shoulders. He’s the one to talk to, if you need help.
Oh him? He’s irresponsible. Can’t take his own decisions himself. How’s he going to help you ?
Oh him ? He’s a nice guy. Helpful and caring and generous!
Oh him ? All he does is talk trash about other people ! Look at his smile. So fake !
Oh him ? He’s so down to earth and easily approachable. Wish I could do it like he does.
Oh him ? He doesn’t have the time for us. He’s too busy with those important people.
Oh him ? He’s the one that made me do the things I didn’t know I could.
Oh him ? He’s the one that puts a road block on the spirits of talented youngsters.
Oh him ? He has so many friends, he won’t need me.


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