Empty thoughts and mutterings

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Are you feeling charitable today ?

I was very impressed with their idea to use their creativity and generate funds for a charity in India. I think most of us would be familiar with Ammani, the writer. But here she is with a couple of her friends, doing what she does best and using that to help the needy ! Some of these pieces I thought were extremely creative. Take a peek here. Please feel free to send words of your choice and I am sure they'll entertain us with their creativity. Also, it serves a great cause. Orey kallula rendu maangaa !

People, this effort from ammani and gang has set me thinking as well. Maybe we can do something similar. Maybe use our creativity to help a charity or a good cause. Any ideas would be welcome.

Here's a write up about AR Rahman and his works coming from a Marathi music director Kaushal Inamdar(who's doing some work in hindi movies now). I thought he had done a thorough job. I always wondered how Rahman's music was perceived in other parts of India. I know he had some popular hindi movies. But I wanted to know what they actually thought of his music. Coming from a musician, that has taken the pains to listen to his work in tamil, I think this is as unbiased as it gets. Take a look. Prabhu Karthik, thanks for the link.

Good Job Kaushal !