Empty thoughts and mutterings

Monday, July 30, 2007

Trent Bridge test

Just some thoughts and take aways from the second test...

  • After England's near victory in the first test, almost everybody predicted an easy 2 nd test victory for england. Only one intelligent commentator said "underestimate India at your own peril". Afterall, India have always been slow starters in every away series.
  • Of the top 6, 5 indian batsman scored fifties. If I had told you that before the test match start, who in the top 6 would you have thought didn't get that 50? Guess 1 - wrong Guess 2 - wrong .....okay all 5 guesses wrong. The answer's Rahul Dravid.
  • Everybody talks about Dinesh Karthik's gritty show. And I agree that he is playing beyond his potential and scoring on every opportunity that's given to him. But the way Wasim Jaffer handled the swing bowling with impeccable technique was a treat to watch. Jaffer's a true opening batsman, and I hope that the board and the seniors would do the things needed to keep his confidence up. Every now and then he's going to get a pair. But that shouldn't put his place in jeopardy. He's the only true opener we've got and he'll be a steady force for a long time to come.
  • It was great to see sreesanth hit back at the batsman with the verbal volleys when he first burst into the international scene. It was a refreshing attitude. But now, I think he's over doing it. You challenge a batsman and get in his head (and make him do something stupid) when you've beat him 3-4 times. Not after he hits you for 4 boundaries. Just brings back memories of one unwanted scene in Indian cricket history. WC 2003 - Zaheer - Ponting....ring a bell ?
  • Michael Vaughn's century was a purist's dream. Technical perfection combined with a fierce determination to save the test match leading from the front. The way he played kumble and made him a non entity for a significant part of the innings was fantastic. Like everybody else, I thought Vaughn was a subject of the same old british hype ( a la Henman) with very little stuff to back it up with. I stand corrected.
  • A lot of talk about Chris Tremlett's potential as a future star of england. He bowled well at lords and used his bounce to cause some problems to the batsmen. My thoughts: He will not last longer than 1-2 years in the international scene.
  • Monty Panesar is definitely among the top spinners in the world right now. His consistent line and variety are definite strengths. But, if he doesn't learn to flight the ball a little more, people will learn to play him soon.
  • And just some noticeable features from Nasser hussain's interview with Dinesh Karthik after the 147 stand

Nasser: So how did you think you played today ?

Karthik: Phenomenal !

Nasser: It must have been difficult with the ball swinging so much.

Karthik: Yes, Yes, definitely. I think I had some very good "well-lefts" today.