Empty thoughts and mutterings

Friday, September 16, 2005

Some thoughts

Ganguly's ill timed tantrum:

I cannot possibly understand what he was thinking when he had to go public with the info that chappell asked him to step down as captain. He cannot undo all his bad performances with one century against Zimbabwe. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people that say "Oh it's against zimbabwe, so it doesen't count". A century is a century, be it against Zimbabwe or a State bank XI of Travancore, or against the mighty aussies. But acting like he achieved complete redemption after this century is unforgivable.He's had a big bad period, and we've stuck with him (with reason), and it's going to take some consistent good scores to turn it around. Not one century for God's sake. He should understand that a Test batsman is expected to be consistent at that level and if he fails to perform for a long stretch, he could find himself out, however talented he maybe. Gone are the days that a player can be on a XI based on 1 innings he played 6 years ago. If you can't play, we'll find somebody that can ! We don't want captains who'll show up their coach given one excuse...so please, shut up and get on with some cricket !!

Moving on to non cricketing issues, I recently had a chance to look at an organization that priya had started with some of her buddies. I have nursed an interest for a long time, to start/help with an organization of this nature. When I was involved with LTCA, it was my interest, that along with all the cultural events that we were conducting, we should aim to get into social issues and do what we can to help. As friends/fellow bloggers of priya, I think we can help by contributing (financially and otherwise) to a noble effort like such. Priya, I did not know that you were into social outreach programs at this level. Hats off ! I recently read Ramya Nageswaran's post on Anshu Gupta's movement/organization which focusses its efforts towards recycling clothes to provide the needy and down trodden. I thought the movement was very impressive. Please take a look.


Friday, September 09, 2005

yennul vaazhum kaadhalan

wanted this moment to last a lifetime:

When I thought you were the "specialest" person in my life you turned around and said "You are the specialest person in my life"

When your loud honk woke me up on my birthday

When I was told "You got the job", you were happier than me

When you switched your cell phone off, when you and me walked into a coffee shop

When after a whole night of talk on the phone, you didn't want to hang up and get ready for work

When all I wanted was to talk to you, and all you wanted was talk to me, you still talked to my room mate lest he should feel left out

When you told me something about yourself, nobody in this world knew

When you'd come crying to me, and let yourself be consoled....only by me

For all this and everything else, Thank you !

People I just saw this post by Prabhu Karthik. It's about us. Take a look.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sweet Home Kentucky !

It was a 9 hour drive from Lexington to Baltimore. I waved goodbye to Vijay, Anand and Vasu and was on my way. I was all by myself and had all the privacy I ever wanted. It was an hour into my journey and that's when it hit me...

The next time I come back to Lexington, I will be a guest. I will have to knock before I enter D224 or A306.

There will be no HOME to come back to, after all the good food and pampering in Baltimore.

Vijay will not call me on a random wednesday afternoon and say "Dinesh, naan padikka poren, adhukku munnadi edhavadhu oru matter sollu"

I turned the music on, and I could not stop myself from rolling back to fall '02 (when I came into KY) and taking a trip down memory lane. My first visit to take a look at the university, my first room mates, my frequent akron visits, shooting basketball alone in the cooperstown courts hoping I could get to meet someone, first show with alaap, starting LTCA with Ramya, our first show, the visa debacle, my return after a woeful 6 months, thaen mazhai, the cricket matches, mokkai sessions at D 224, LTCA hand off, job search struggles, and the list goes on. It slowly dawned on me that I was going to lose everything I was a part of, in 1 day and before the end of the day, I would have "Once Lived" in KY. The music did its part in poking where it hurt, with lyrics that I would have paid little attention to, until today.

"Vaasapadi kadakkiyile varalaye pechchu, pallappatti thaandiputta paadhi uyir pochu"

"Poraale Ponnuthaayi, Pogira pokkila manasa vittu"

"Uravin perumai pirivil kandu uyiril paathi kuraindhen"

I found a rest area shortly thereafter, and took a 5 minute water break before heading back.