Empty thoughts and mutterings

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Writing after a very long time. Frankly, I've been extremely busy with other commitments in the past few months, so I could not devote much time to this space here. And I probably would not have written this one either, if this one incident did not make such an impact on my life the past few days.

Recently a 1 st year engineering student Prabhu, fell from the 3 rd floor of his hostel and was hospitalized. The operation cost was Rs 8.5 lakhs and his parents could not afford it. The blogger Kiruba Shankar put up a helpline in his blog and by virtue of his popularity/trustworthiness, more than $4000 was collected in a space of 2 days towards this purpose. This was apart from other separate drives carried out in chennai by students. Unfortunately the operation was a failure and Prabhu's probably going to lose his legs. But this gesture from so many strangers is unmistakably touching. I was stunned ! Follow the story here.